Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today was the first time in months that I looked at Robert's pictures. I've had them tucked away in the special bag that I was given at the hospital, along with his baby blanket and other mementos. When we were in the moment, I didn't want photos. Now I regret not having more. Even without them, I can still see him perfectly in my mind. Although I was almost 5 months pregnant at the time of his death, he was weeks behind in growth. I'm truly amazed that he made it for as long as he did. He was so tiny but so perfect. In the scheme of how many babies are born every year, there are very few parents that have the chance to see their baby when they are only in the second trimester. It was truly such a miracle to see all of him, from his cute little ears and nose, all the way down to his sweet baby toes. Truly unbelievable. God is truly unbelievable. 

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