Monday, October 18, 2010

October 15th Raleigh

Another year of October 15th Raleigh has come and gone and I'm still amazed at just how beautiful the ceremony this year really was. I have to admit that I was nervous. I was pretty overwhelmed preparing for both October 15th and Uganda and was praying that God would do the rest. And it's no surprise that He did. The presence of God was so strong that evening that people didn't want to leave. It was truly an awesome thing to witness and to be a part of.

From the music to the volunteers, everything was seamless.

I have to say that I was most touched by all of the brave women (and man!) who got up in front of everyone and shared the most intimate details of the the darkest days in their lives. And there were a lot of you! Once again, I have been blessed by all of these parents much more than I could possibly offer to them. I simply gave them a safe place to grieve. I simply said yes.

A huge thanks to Jennifer Gregory who wrote a beautiful article in the North Raleigh News about October 15th Raleigh.
Bonded in grief, local parents find solace - News -