Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So what now?

I'm not the only one out there who's experienced a loss or illness or some sort of tragedy. No one is promised a perfect life, devoid of pain. Life here on earth, and all that comes with it, is unavoidable. But regardless of where we've been, we make the choice of where we go from here. Are we going to let it crush us or will we come out on the other side stronger than before? Will we allow bitterness of heart and spirit to take over or will we savor the sweetness of the blessings we're given? The choice is ours. 

And then you take it to the next step: How can I love and impact others who may be hurting after a loss (or illness, etc.)? I love the book A Purpose Driven Life and especially that first line, "It's not about you." I've started asking myself a lot more what I can do to help other women who've experienced a loss. And even though the hurt is still there, with time brings clarity and healing. I know that God will use me if I allow him to. So what's stopping me? Why does stepping out in faith feel so hard? 

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